Permanent Tee Times

Please call (815.477.0055) or email ( if you are interested in a permanent tee time or would like to know times that are available.

  • All permanent tee time agreements will be contracted for foursomes only for a 25 week period. (April 16th, 17th, through September 24th, 25th). If your group cannot commit to a full season, every-other-week and partial season programs are available. Please contact Chris Neuhart at 815-477-0055 to discuss the details of the non-full-season programs.
  • Permanent Tee Time rates for the season will be $59 per player.  All players will have the opportunity to purchase a RedTail Discount ID Card for $3. Golfers who have the RedTail Discount ID Card will pay $53 each week. Players who reside in the Village of Lakewood will receive the RedTail Discount ID Card for no charge. From Opening Weekend until the weekend of May 7th and 8th, the green fees will be $46 per player and $42 per player for RedTail Discount ID Cardholders. On May 14th and 15th the full permanent tee time rate will be in effect.
  • Each group is responsible for the payment of four greens fees each week. A deposit requirement equal to two weeks fees (refundable) plus a $35 handicap fee (non refundable) must be on file at the signing of the contract
  • Regular Players = $153.00 per player
  • RedTail Discount ID Cardholders = $141.00 per player
  • Full Members = $28.00 per player
  • WEEKLY PERMANENT TEE TIME EVENTS – In 2016, RedTail will be holding weekly events for the permanent tee time players. These events will require an optional weekly fee paid directly to the golf shop. All of the fees that are collected will be paid back to the event winners in the form of merchandise gift cards. Many of the events will require a current, valid, USGA handicap, so please be vigilant in posting your scores weekly. The events will range from closest to the pin competitions, to blind draw partner events.
  • Each group will be responsible for a foursome every week. However, a group may contact Chris Neuhart by Wednesday at 12:00 PM if the group would like to cancel for the current week at no charge to their deposit. If a group cancels after 12:00 PM on Wednesday, RedTail will be happy to try to sell the tee time. If the tee time is not able to be sold, the appropriate money will be subtracted from the group deposit. If Chris has not been notified, and the group is not at 100% attendance for any given day, one green fee for each golfer not in attendance will be deducted from the deposit. Members must play for their attendance to count.
  • If the deposit for your group reaches a zero balance during the season, the group will be responsible for replenishing the deposit back to 100%.
  • Each foursome must assign a “Captain” who will have the responsibility of collecting all fees, sending in the required deposit, and signing this contract.
  • All deposit money remaining at the end of the Season can either be refunded to the “Captain” or rolled over to the deposit for the tee time for the next season.
  • A foursome’s tee time will change slightly througout the Season due to daylight hours needed to prepare the golf course for the day’s play. A schedule will be provided to you at the beginning of the Season highlighting your tee time for the Season.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the group is responsible for contacting RedTail Golf Club regarding playing conditions. Rain in and of itself does not relieve a player or group from fulfilling the obligatory daily green and cart fee.
  • All golfers are responsible for any and all damages caused by their golf ball, clubs, other equipment and/or golf cart miscues.
  • The land surrounding RedTail Golf Club is private property. Proceeding onto private property is trespassing and violators are subject to prosecution by the property owner.
  • RedTail Golf Club reserves the right to cancel any permanent tee time for repeated slow play and/or any incident of abuse to the golf course, equipment, or staff.